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Business Enterprise Audit

THOMAS JOB - PROFESJOGRAM - Work Place Analysis  
Complex Restructuring and transformation of the company


Business Enterprise Audit

The aim of the audit is inspecting key areas of the company's functioning which have impact on the company's financial results and it's market standing. By making throughout internal business audit we study the company and its environment for the first place. This allows as to define its strengths and weaknesses, its chances, and potential which lies in the business environment of the company.

What is more, our auditing is focused not only on company's strengths but also on the areas where are the most important threats and risks for the company.

Basing on the documents and our knowledge of the company we analyse its current organisational structure, profile, marketing and sales strategy, communication and motivational system and financial rules of the company. Then, together with the client we verify company's vision and strategy, we set goals and create indexes to verify them.

The result of our work is multidimensional report about the company as well as assessment of its chances and investment risk. We also define the actions which should be undertaken in order to improve the way company works, in order to increase profitability and stock value of our Clients' companies.

Audit will allow You to find the answers to the following questions concerning:

optimising costs
excess spendings
frozen capital
areas where company is loosing money
increasing the effectiveness of employees
improving company's organisation structure
increasing sales and intensifying marketing actions
increasing profits
increasing tax security
increasing company's cash flow

Complex Restructuring and transformation of the company

In modern world only the best are successful. The main goal of Business Way is to create competitive advantage for our customers and reacting quickly to the changes in the business environment. Therefore, we believe that competition is not a threat but a challenge, which requires changes in business strategy.

We know that there is no such thing as a perfect product or a perfect service and that everything is subject to change. Companies seek profit and stability and at the same time they forget that nowadays stability means that one is able to dynamically adapt to changes in the environment.

We help our clients to create companies that are adaptable and developing, seeking new customers and creating new needs. We achieve it by:

creating company's vision and mission statement
creating general strategy for company's development
creating strategic plans in short-, mid- and long-term
creating strategies and models of Human Resource Management
creating assessment, competence and motivation systems
creating marketing strategy
developing customer management and sales strategy
setting all the business processes in the company - creating procedures and document flow
developing financial strategy and risk-management strategy
developing communication canals and strategies
training professional workforce
initiating the necessary changes
developing and managing the transformation process
doing a post-transformational audit

Assessment Center

Currently, a competitive advantage can be gained mainly by having good employees. How to recruit them in such a way as to be sure that we chose not only the best possible candidates but also those who will fulfil our requirements and will cope with challenges posed to them? It happens frequently, that during a typical job interview candidate makes a good impression but later he or she is not a good worker in an everyday work of a company. On the other hand, a reversed situation, that poorly presenting themselves candidate turns out to be an excellent worker. The Assessment Centre method was created in order to avoid such mistakes. Thanks to it companies can see their candidates in action at the recruitment stage and, basing on the assessment done by different assessors, candidate's competence, and comparison with other assessed candidates, choose the best candidate.

Therefore we invite you to cooperate with our experiences assessors, who will conduct a professional Assessment Centre for you, concluded with an extensive report which will allow you to select the best candidates.

What exactly is Assessment Centre:

After defining the competence profile and the personality traits which are necessary for a given position and initial candidates selection, the chosen candidates take part in the proper Assessment, which can take from few hours up to 2 or 3 days, depending on the number of stages - usually 1 day (about 8h.). The Assessment is a series of simulations, precisely planned games and practical questions performed on a larger number of people (often resembling natural team) under the supervision of a few assessors (who are equipped with special assessment sheets to grade the competences required). The assessment takes place in the conditions that take into account the specificity of the business or resemble the work conditions in a given company. Tasks performed by the participants are designed in a way that allows for observing candidates and selection of those who fulfil the criteria and match the personality profile described.

Sample tasks and exercises used during typical Assessment Centre:


Documents basket which measures analytical skills, decision making, planning and the ability to organise work - candidate is given a dozen or more documents typical for a company and basing on them has to create an action plan or set priorities of a specific tasks


Team task which allows for checking what is the role of specific per in a team and their leadership skills - Candidates are given more or less complicated tasks and work on solving it in a team


Group discussion which allows for checking interpersonal skills, a way of communication, assertiveness and negotiation skills as well as persuasion and team leading - Candidates work on a solution for a given problem in teams and a specific person presents the ideas in public


Presentation, as a method of measuring interpersonal skills, persuasion skills and motivation, and creativity - Candidate works individually on a given problem and presents the results


Skills or ability tests that check, depending on a model chosen (DISC, THOMAS) the set of competences, behaviours or attitudes

While completing the tasks, candidates are assessed independently by several assessors at the same time. After that, there is a report created, basing on a resulting assessment of all the assessors, which describes a candidate with respect to the competence and personality profile which was devised at the beginning. Every candidate who takes part in the Assessment has an chance to see the results and the report. Finally, basing on the reports, candidates who best fulfill the criteria are chosen.

Target Group:

  Candidates for all positions, especially recommendations for managerial positions


  Depending on the decisions made as well as number of candidates and competences


Development Centre Method is a method is similar to the Assessment Centre but it serves different purpose - defining the competences and potential of workers who already work for the company. It allows for defining strengths and weaknesses of each and every employee as well of a team. Thanks to DC, gaps in competences can be diagnosed as well as planning development to fill those gaps. The method of conducting the Development Centre is based on the same principles and rules as AC. So as a result of taking part in simulations, games and exercises workers show their practical skills and are assessed by a team of experienced assessors who prepare their competence profiles and final report, which is a perfect tool for planning the further development of employees.

Target Group:

  Employees on all positions, especially managerial ones or those employees who will take part in accomplishing the company's strategic
         goals and whose development is crucial for the company.


  Depending on the decisions made as well as the number of candidates and competences


DISC Classic is a tried and tested model model used for over 40 years to describe personal profile of an employee at a workplace. Used in over 50 countries by over 90% of companies listed on Fortune's 500 list. The model helps to describe natural preferences of a worker in a workplace and as a result increase the level of compatibility between worker and position, thus facilitating the improvement of effectiveness. It is a developmental model that allows for defining the areas that require development and establishes methods of developing those competences and areas.

Goal of the Research:

  Defining employee's preferences which increase his effectiveness and those that hinder it.
  Understanding one's own behaviour and it's influence on the surroundings
  Making an employee aware of the attitudes and behaviour of other coworkers/people
  Describing the areas that require development in order to increase work effectiveness

Expected Results:

  Participants of the training will understand their own behaviour and the way their surroundings perceives it
 Define how their behaviour can influence increasing or decreasing the effectiveness of work in the workplace
 Will agree on the areas of competences and behaviours that they should and want to develop
 Will plan the path and means of developing the necessary competences
  Will understand how they can and should interpret the behaviour of other people in order to improve the communication within the team
        komunikacji i współpracy w zespole

Managers after the research

  Will understand how their behaviour influences the behaviour and effectiveness of their subordinates
  Will define their areas of competences that require strengthening and developing
  Will acquire clues on how to interpret the behaviour of their employees in different situations and how to use them in order to increase the team's effectiveness
         je w celu podniesienia wydajności zespołu
  Will become aware of how they can increase the effectiveness of communication, delegation of tasks and conflict solving
  Will gain additional tool for planning subordinates path of development

Methods of conducting research:

  On-line study, taking about 10 min.
  Generating a report in either electronic or paper version
  Feedback from a practitioner-trainer whose skills of working with a report in a workplace are guaranteed by the certificate, in order to develop desired behaviour
         w celu rozwijania oczekiwanych zachowań

Research dedicated for:

  Workers and managing staff
  HR departmentR
  During the recruitment process, evaluation sessions that create development paths

Additional valuable

Additional valuable part of the research are training modules correlated with personal profile and matched for company's needs in the following areas:
  Conflict Management
 Interpersonal Skills
 Managing Staff



Profession Diagram (Work Place Analysis) is a reliable, done by employees model of skills and competences expected of a given position. It allows to think about recruitment process in such a way as to find candidates that match the given requirements of the position. Profession Diagram is developed according to the profiles of the most effective workers who work on a given position. It allows to define and describe what behaviours are expected and compare them with the results of Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Goals of the Research:

  Creating a reliable model of behaviour on a given position, in accordance with company's expectations
  Describing the areas which should be highlighted during the recruitment process.
  The possibility of comparing the results of Profession Diagram with Personal Profile Analysis results of a candidate,
        and defining the areas that require checking or developing.

Expected Results:

  Defining the competence areas of a worker which require developing in order to match the Profession Diagramu
  Increasing the effectiveness of matching the employees to work positions
  Increasing the effectiveness of recruitment processes

Way of conducting research:

  Creating a profession diagram is an on-line or a paper study and requires that the best employees that work on the described
        position and their superiors to complete the survey
  The study takes about 15 min.

Research dedicated for

  Mid-level Management and Top Management
  HR department
  People who plan and take part in recruitment process



THOMAS Test for Selection of Training (TST) The TST Test checks the g-factor of intelligence, which has a big impact on the effectiveness of our work on a specific position. The test checks in a reliable and precise way the ability of an employee to learn new knowledge, skills and procedures. Tests for Selection of Training measure 'abilities' rather than IQ

TST Tests measure worker's potential in such areas as:
  Verbal reasoning
  Numerical capacities
  Operational memory
  Spacial thinking, creation of mental pictures and processing them

Goal of the Research:

  Defining the employee's potential in the context of his position.
  Defining the capabilities and the pace of employee's development and the degree of absorption of new knowledge.
  Defining the skill areas where employee requires additional development and the areas in which they will need more
        time to complete the tasks.

Expected Results:

  Assessment of independent thinking and problem solving skills
  The answer to the question whether the tested person has a potential to deal with intellectual requirements of a specific
  Rating the potential of the tested person in context of population and other candidates
  Assessing to what extent will the tested person react to the training process
  The opportunity to focus on the competence areas that require extra attention in order to raise effectiveness
  The possibility to choose a candidate with a potential matching the requirements the mostThe speed of intellectual
        processes / g-factor of intelligence
  Ability to concentrateThe ability to hold and retrieve information
  The ability to visualize

Methods of conducting research:

  Test conducted in a paper form - duration, about 60 min. + processing the results by the computer + feedback

Research dedicated for:

  Employees, managing staff, HR departments
  During the processes of recruitment, Assessment and development processest
  During the process of creating a team for specific purposes

Thomas APOs


Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a reliable and conclusive test, which has the Certificate of Registration of the British Psychological Society, which has been widely used by different branches of business for over 30 years. It allows for anincrease in effectiveness of personnel management, raising the effectiveness of work and team's cooperation. PPA is first of all a developmental profile that allows to define the competence areas that require developing. What is more PPA shows the way how the desired competences can be developed.

Goals of the Research:

  Obtaining conclusive information about preferred (or expected) behaviours of an employee in a workplace
  Defining the possible behaviours of an employee in the situation of an excessive burden, stress
  Defining the behaviours of an employee which require developing
  Pointing out the behaviours which increase the effectiveness of an employee and those which are not desirable
        on a given position
  In the case of conducting the test on the whole team, defining the natural preferences of a team and defining the areas
        that require further developing

Expected Results:

Participants of the training:
  Will learn about their subconsciously preferred behaviours at the workplace
  Will understand how their behaviour can influence, both positively and negatively, their surroundings
  Will define how they can develop a required behaviour
  Will become aware of how their behaviour can be interpreted by the work environment and how it can be misinterpreted
        by them

Managers after the research:
  Will be able to correctly diagnose their subordinates behaviour
  Will gain clues on what behaviours they can expect from their employees in the workplace and what will they pay attention
        to while fulfilling the tasks.
  Will define the catalogue of their own behaviours which
        increase the effectiveness of management as well as those which decrease it
  Will gain knowledge of how to effectively communicate with their subordinates, delegate the tasks and how to behave
        during the conflict
  Will gain additional tool for planning subordinates path of development

One of common reasons of a decreasing the effectiveness is not using the full potential of an employee, caused by the breakdowns in communication and wrong assessment of the employee's potential. PPA research is both an effective diagnostic tool and a tool for effective managing your employees. Thanks to the knowledge gained from the research, one can get not only the hard facts about his or her strong and weak sides, but also the understanding of how to adjust one's preferable behaviours to the expectations of workplace, which is a guarantee of effectiveness.

Methods of conducting research:

  On-line study taking about 10 min.
 Generating a report in either electronic or paper version
 Feedback from a practitioner-trainer whose skills in working with a report in a workplace are guaranteed by the certificate,
        in order to develop desired behaviour

Research dedicated for:

  Workers and managing staff
  HR department
  During the recruitment process, evaluation sessions that create development paths

If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.

Robert Kyiosaki
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Jacek Korzeniowski
President at Business Way sp. z o.o., Coach, Consultant, Trainer
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Danuta Krawczyk
Trainer, Consultant, Coach
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Marek Sztomberski
Coach, Consultant
Supervisor, Trainer
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Elżbieta Ziembrowicz
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Sylwia Kowlska


Consultant, Trainer, Coach

  My motto:

“Live with passion and in harmony with yourself, while constantly broadening your knowledge and experience”


Coach, (Practitioner Coach Diploma), Noble Manhattan Coaching, Warsaw
Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching , Psychoeducation Laboratory and SWPS, Warsaw
M.A. in Psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw
M.A. in History at Pomeranian University in Słupsk

Trainings and Workshops:

Unleash The Power Within, Anthony Robbins Training, Londyn
Psychological Help Programme, Gestalt Instute of Psychoterapy, Warsaw
Interpersonal Training in Open Group formula, Psychoeducation Lab
Role of Coaching in creating corporate culture, Psychoeducation Lab
Psychodynamic understanding of professional development, Psychoeducation Lab
Assertiveness and values, human in business or how to face difficult situations in workplace, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw
Sales and Managerial negotiations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw
Dealing with emotions in difficult situations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw

Professional Experience:

My professional career started when I worked as a History and Societies Teacher in a High School. After a year I got a change to work in an European branch of an American company VideoPlus (Success Partners) dealing with MLM and DS services in the USA and Europe. I started as an assistant and was promoted all the way to Customer Relationship Department Manager. Working on this position allowed me to gain valuable experience in areas such as managing the Customer Service Department and managing the Purchasing Department, key customer service and active development of sales force. My main achievements are creating and managing the team of Account Executives, meeting the sales targets, developing the inter-department processes in the company and moderating the corporate culture of the company.

In Business Way I work as Business Development Manager. I am responsible for coordination and completion of all the processes connected with creating future of the company and Business Way brand. I also work as a coach and trainer.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Jacek Korzeniowski

President at Business Way
sp. z o.o.
Coach, Consultant, Trainer

  My motto:
"Success and development in action. I like to change theoretical knowledge into practical success and open new areas of expertise and create new, effective structures. I know, that my knowledge and experience is valuable for others and help them to achieve ambitious goals. I'm especially motivated by achieving goals and breaking barierrs that seem impossible to achieve or break. "


Bachelor of Medicine at Medical University of Lublin;
MBA at Koźmiński University;
Yans Cron Consulting Group - Business an NLP Trainer;
University of Economy in Bydgoszcz Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching;
Graduate of French Institute in Warsaw ;
Graduate of Management Central Europe in Brussels;
DISC Classic, Thomas International (APOS, TST, 3600 ) certificates;


Professional Experience:

I started my career as a medicine doctor and worked for 14 years in a hospital and as a head of a clinic. Then, I set up Medical Rescue School, which in 3 years became the second biggest school of this type in the world, training over 3000 people a year.

Besides training and teaching, I was responsible for work coordinating 20 trainers and 12 medicine professors, hospital executives and other heads, being part of the Program Committee of the Medical Rescue School.

After that, I worked for 13 years for an international pharmaceutical company. I worked through all the positions from Medical Representative to National Sales Manager. During that time I administered a team of 130 Medical Representatives and 14 managers. I am an author of many sales, management, motivational, reporting and monitoring solutions.

Since 2008 I am a co-owner of Business Way sp. z o.o. and using my skills and experience in the area of personal and professional development I help our clients by coaching, training and consulting . I trained, coached and assessed in: Glaxo, Teva, Pliva, Novartis, Astellas, Novo Nordisk, BGK, Drozapol S.A, Arteria, Cegedim Polska, Symposion, Bahlsen Sp.z o.o., Hand Prod i many other.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Marek Sztomberski

Coach, Consultant, Supervisor, Trainer

  My motto:
"I am fascinated by humans and their unlimited potential. I have a feeling that in a world full of changes guiding people and helping them to develop is a great adventure and never-ending journey in search of new possibilities."


M.A. in Psychology at John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin

Many Certificates, including:

Practitioner of Art of NLP - NLP Master and NLP Trainer
The NLP Connection and Society of Neuro - Linquistic Programming (USA)
The Structures of Time – Christina Hall

Trained by:

Christina Hall, Herman Müller, John Seymour, Joseph O'Conor , David Nenan or Robert Cialdini.


Professional Experience:

Between 1984 and 1996 I owned different retail sales and services companies .

Between 1991 and 1994 I was a Manager at Centre for Personal Development in Świdnik. I managed a team of employees and was responsible for creation and implementation of company's strategy as well as implementing innovative personal development projects.

From 1995 to 2003 I was a co-owner and a trainer at NLP Training and Consulting Institute and from 2003 to 2011 I was a Vice-President and a trainer at Kulesza Sztomberski Institute of Business Education consulting company. I created and implemented managerial training systems in many different companies including: Astellas, Adamed, Coca Cola Beverages, Bahlsen, D-Link Polska, Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Nutricia, Mars, Unilever, Dębica, ING, Kredyt Bank, Bank BPH, Bank Zachodni WBK, PZU, Triada, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche Pharmaceuticals or Boots Healthcare.

I also worked as a consultant and created sale strategies as well as trainer for sales force for many companies like: Kompania Piwowarska, Kamis Przyprawy, GoodYearDunlop, Tesco, Volvo, Ceramika Paradyż, Ciech, Philips, Rockit Benckiser, Era, PTK Centertel, Capgemini and many more. Moreover, I introduced systems of sales coaching in Bahlsen Polska, GSK or Triada.

I am an author of many essays and articles on business and NLP. Finally I am an author of the book “31 stories”.

In Business Way I fulfill my passion for working with other human being.



Trainer, Coach, Conslutant

  My motto:
"People are my passion. I am always fascinated by the variety of their talents. I am especially inspired and motivated by finding and releasing the 'hidden' potentials in people which were neglected or constrained. That is why interpersonal relationships are a constant source of inspiration, satisfaction and new discoveries."


Physical Oceanography at University of Gdańsk


Licensed Trainer and Consultant of Thomas International Management System.
Licensed Coach of Coaching Clinic®.


I took part in many trainings and workshops for trainers, as well as in presentation, management, sales, leadership, interpersonal communication and principles of effective communication trainings and workshops.


Professional Experience:

I started my career working with “difficult” youth in a Primary School.

I gained professional experience in business working on different sales positions and as a District Manager. I managed sales and created and trained sales teams in: Kompass Poland, Intercredit Warszawa, SLG Polska.

I am an owner of a consulting company which is supporting mid- and top-level managerial staff by: conducting competence and development potential researches in Assessment/Development Centre, creating and implementing systems of development and evaluation of employees for a departments or whole companies, coaching, moderating sales teams or company strategy and personal audits.

While working with Business Way I took part in projects with: PGE SA, Polpharma Biuro handlowe, Elli Lilly, AstraZeneca Pharma, Berlin Chemie, Polfa Tarchomin, Gedeon Richter, PLO, Pol-Levant, SGS Supervise, ComputerLand SA, Demos, Optix, Lido Technology, Simens Building Technology, Fabryka Wódek Gdańskich, Pika, KWH Pipe Poland.


krzysztof kostyra

Trainer, Coach, Consultant

  My motto:
"By helping others, who want to get better at their job and became professionals in their fields, I am expressing my gratitude, admiration and respect for my own teachers. People, who achieve significant successes and make career progress with their work, commitment, advice and training help – give me the greatest satisfaction."


MBA at Warsaw School of Economics
Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota.
Bachelor of Medicine at Medical School of Warsaw


Professional Experience:

I started my career in pharmaceutical industry 20 years ago at Sandoz (later Novartis). In 1991 I started my work as a Sales Representative and was later promoted to Product Manager and Business Head Unit. In July 2000 I became Regional Marketing Manager in Novartis Hedquarters in Basel (Switzerland) where I was responsible for marketing management and sales in more than a dozen different markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Africa and Middle East. I was later promoted to the position of Global Brand Manager.

In the years 2005 - 2007 I was first Organon's General Executive for Poland and after its takeover by Schering-Plough I was responsible for integrating both companies in Czech Republic and Slovakia and general operational functioning of the company.

In the year 2009 I worked at Polpharma and was responsible for company's international markets. Since that time I run my own training and consulting company and work with both Polish and international pharmaceutical companies and other companies in the medical industry.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Tatiana Radzikowska

Tourism Consultant

  My motto:
"I like to share my knowledge and experience. Each time I learn something new from other people."


B.A. in Tourist management at Academy of Economy in Warsaw
Graduate of University of Warsaw
IT and Econometry at Cracow Economic University
Economical Statistics at National Economic University of Kiev


Professional Experience:

Project Manager at Mazowiecka Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna
Eastern Market Advisor for Executive Board at Polska Agencja Rozwoju Turystyki S.A. Market Research Consultant at Continental Group Services Sp.zo.o.
Promedia Sp.zo.o. - Market and public opinin research, Junior Project Manager
On all of the above mentioned posts I was responsible for creating strategic plans for regional and local tourism, fund-raising for projects from both national and EU programs (RPO,WM,POKL,POIG).
I worked with companies in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in the area of joint international projects.
I train, consult and give workshops for administration, civil services, NGOs and companies.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Robert Siewak

Trainer, Consultant, Coach

  My motto:
"I like to meet new people, discover new cultures and learn new languages. I train people for their benefits and satisfaction as well as and to feel that what I do has a meaning and finally to develop myself."


2004 - 2005 Post-Graduate Diploma in Executive Master of Business and Administration at Lublin Business School
1991-1992 Accountants Association in Poland (AAP) - Accountant
1982-1987 M.Sc. in Animal Sciences at Lublin University of Life Sciences


Professional Experience:

I worked in companies such as British American Tobacco, SCA Hygiene Products and PZ Cussons SA, where I worked on different positions from Sales Representative through Regional Sales Manager, KAM ending up as a Sales Manager. I took part in international projects in the area of sales and distribution. I created and implemented assessment and recruitment systems. Meanwhile, since 1994, I have been training people.

Since 2005, when I have started to run my own business, I have worked as a consultant in the areas of sales systems and creation and implementation of recruitment and assessment systems. I work with many training and consulting companies in Poland and abroad and take part in many projects conducted in Polish, English and Russian.

I focus on activities that are in the area of sales: sales, customer service, negotiations, project management, personal effectiveness (assertiveness, time management, personal quality management) and managerial skills (assessment and recruitment).

Jacek Korzeniowski

Jacek Węgrzyk

Consultant, Trainer

  My motto:
"Successful long-term efforts can be done only basing on multi-layer leadership culture and perfectly trained and motivated team that knows its goals. Satisfaction derived from creating such a team is comparable with satisfaction of a business breakthrough. Previously I have done it as a manager, now I share my experience and knowledge as a trainer and consultant in order to help my clients achieve success. "


M.Sc. in Electronics at Silesia Technical University
Warsaw School of Economics / Ernst & Young Academy of Business 2007 – Executive Studies in Finance


Professional Experience:

I started my career in the IT industry working as a programmer for both Polish and Austrian companies.

Since 1992 I was responsible for marketing and sales in a company that was one of the biggest distributors of electromechanical tools in Poland. In 1993 I began to work, as a Sales Representative, for an American company. I was responsible for selling surgical materials.

Two years later a became Product Manager in the OTC division of an intentional pharmaceutical company. I was quickly promoted and reached the position of Department Manager. I took part in many international projects, mostly in the areas of strategic management and marketing. I continued my career in different companies, achieving positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. During my career I managed teams ranging from 35 to 140 people.

I was co-founder and first president of Polish Association of Producers of Drugs without a Prescription, I also performed responsible functions in in Ethics Committee and The Disciplinary Court of the Employers Association INFARMA.

In Business Way I work as a trainer and consultant.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Paweł Zbrojkiewicz

Trainer, Coach, Conslutant

  My motto:
"To change the world, the people, oneself.

New technologies and new knowledge about how human beings function are elements of our reality that all of us have to, and should, face, get to know and like. I find pleasure in helping other people to do this."


M.Sc. in Business Managment Czestochowa university of technology
E-Business at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University
Professional e-business manager at IAB Poland
NLP Trainer- Yans Cron Consulting Group


Business Practitioner in the Art of NLP
Master Practitioner in the Art of NLP
YCC Coach
Business Master Practitioner in the Art of NLP


Professional Experience:

I have many years of business experience gained on various positions raning from Sales Representative to Sales and Marketing Director.

For many years I have successfully merged practical experience with theoretical knowledge gained during many IT, e-business and sales psychology courses. Normally I work on Normally I work on implementation projects and creating a sales strategy and creating a sales strategy in Computer Center.

I specialise in joining the latest technologies such as e-commerce and e-marketing with psychological, sales, neuromarketing and NLP knowledge.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Elżbieta Ziembrowicz

Trener, Coach, Doradca

  My motto:
"I am interested in the efficiency and effectiveness of human action that is why I support people and positive changes in the company. Finding solutions and exploring the potential – costumer resources, finding the best, most effective way to achieve the goals, together with my clients – all these give me great satisfaction."


M.Sc. in Industry Organisation at Technical University of Lublin
The Society of Neuro-Linquistic Programing in association with The NLP Connection – Certified Trainer
ICC Joseph O'Connor, Andrea Lages-O'Connor - International Coach


From Coach to Awakener – Robert Dilts
The Structures of Time – Christina Hall


Professional Experience:

After graduating from university I worked as a Programmer, Manager and a Sales Representative. At the same time I developed my training skills by participating in trainings and workshops made by many Polish and international trainers alike. I developed my skills with some of the most well-known trainers such as: Hermanna Müller-Walbrodt (Niemcy), Linnett Saunders-Pearl (USA), Joseph O'Connor (UK), Robert Dilts (USA), Robert Klaus (USA), Christina Hall (USA).

During my professional career I created and implemented many projects for developing managerial staff and in-house trainers with my leadership trainings. I trained people in the areas of management, team-building, customer service and negotiations. I conducted soft skills trainings for technical industry and personal coaching for mid- and top-level management.

I worked with among other: Neuroeducation, NLP Training and Consulting Institute, Prospero Business Training, Concept. I worked for international companies and dozens of large and medium Polish companies such as banks, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, financial companies, telecoms, IT companies, insurance or production companies.

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„Businesss Way has conducted a series of sales trainings for our managers as well as coaching sessions. The attendees have highly evaluated both the quality and professionalism of the trainers. Moreover – thanks to the series of trainings our effectiveness has improved significantly. We definitely confirm Business Way’s professionalism, reliability and the highest standard of services provided.”

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„We’’ve been working with Business Way since 2011. As a company we have outsourced the following trainings customized to our employees: coaching skills, leadership, preparing the SWOT analysis and matrix management. Workshops are always prepared in a professional manner and led well. Trainers (coaches) are always highly motivated and show a positive energy. Not to be underestimated is the perfect contact between the coaches and the attendees of the workshops."

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"Based on the realisation of a complex consulting and coaching project, we would like to highlight our full recognition for the Business Way Team for their professionalism and agility. We have evaluated the quality of the project led by Business Way very highly. Since the beginning of our cooperation Business Way proved to be a reliable and solid partner. Their wide and complex knowledge as well as understanding of the Pharmaceutical industry are crucial for our operations; therefore it is our great pleasure to recommend Business Way as a competent and honest partner.”


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  •   District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
  •   Company share capital: 5.000 zł
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